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Anatomy of a cue
Weight, balance, hit


201213WEIGHT - With mass production type cues, weight is adjusted by adding or removing a weight bolt  in  the butt end of  the  cue.  This is how mass production cue makers satisfy the demand for different  weights.

BALANCE - Cues with weight bolts in the butt always feel butt heavy because the natural balance point -(determined  by  taper), has been altered. Unconciously, you balance the weight with your grip and bridge,  and this can throw your game off. However, proper balance and hit can be achieved using weight  bolts both  in the butt and behind the joint pin.  If the only option to achieve the desired weight is adding bolts to the cue, the extra weight must be balanced between the butt and the  joint pin thereby retaining the natural balance  point. The best option is, naturally, no weight bolts.

HIT - If the natural balance point of a cue is altered, the "hit" - (resonance) of a cue is deadened.  A properly built and  balanced cue will feel wonderful in your hands. The weight is built into the cue and evenly dispersed throughout the cue.  Due primarily to our construction techniques, our perfectly balanced custom cues resonate like a tuning fork thus telegraphing a unique hit you will appreciate.